Best GED Prep Books

Are you looking for the best GED prep book and best GED study guides to help prepare you for the latest GED and get a top score? Given the recent overhaul to the General Educational Development Test (GED), you have to be extra careful in order to find the top resources. With this in mind, our editors have reviewed and selected the best GED prep books for 2018.

Kaplan’s GED Test Prep Plus 2018

Best GED Prep book KaplanFully updated for the new GED, Kaplan’s new flagship GED prep book (from the Test Prep Plus series) offers reliable, thorough, yet still easily digestible lessons on each of the four tested subjects on the GED.

This 784-page study guide, authored by Kaplan’s renowned GED prep expert Caren van Slyke, also provides a comprehensive overview of all the necessary ingredients for passing the revised GED.  Of particular note are the four pre-tests offered at the beginning of this volume, which allow test-takers to review what they already know – and increase their confidence in these areas – as well as identify any weaknesses. 

Kaplan’s GED Test Prep Plus With 2 Practice Tests features an easy-to-use structure  and clear explanations that are thorough and easy-to-understand. Importantly, the book also offers over 1,000 GED practice questions, 60 online video tutorials, as well as two full-length GED practice tests (one of which is in the book, the other is available online). Additionally, it even features instructions on how to correctly use the Texas Instruments TI-30XS MultiView calculator. 

Overall, this comprehensive study guide is what we believe is currently the best GED prep book on the market. If you are looking for a reliable one-stop source for preparing for and scoring high on the new GED test, this book will certainly fit the bill. What makes this book stand out from the rest, in our view, are in part the quality and breadth of online resources that come with your purchase. As noted you can take a full practice test online to better prepare you for test day. You also have access to over 60 online video tutorials.

If you learn better by listening to an instructor, this is as close to a class you can get without taking a full GED prep course.

Princeton Review: Cracking the GED Test

Best GED Prep book 2018

Princeton Review starts this book with a list of famous (and very successful) people who took the GED exam. We love this as motivational tool, as it demonstrates only the sky is the limit once you pass this exam!

Not only does Princeton Review motivate you, but they deliver a book that is strong enough to take the No. 2 spot on our list of the best GED prep books. As an alternative to Kaplan’s study guide – which we think is still slightly better – this manual will also help you fully prepare for the new exam.  The book includes a thorough review of all the subjects you will be tested on. We like that they include sample questions with each lesson, helping you know if you have truly understood what is being taught.  They also focus on improving your writing skills so you can master the Extended Response questions you will find on the exam (which are open-ended questions that require a written response). If you also need additional support with Reading Comprehension, they offer online tutorials to help you improve those skills.

In addition to the sample questions found throughout the book, Princeton Review includes 2 full-length practice tests and over 350 additional practice questions.

Overall this book from a trusted test prep company is a great choice to keep you motivated and interested so you really learn the subject matter and ace your GED exam.

McGraw Hill’s Preparation for the GED Test

Best GED Prep books McGraw Hill

Another major education publisher, McGraw Hill, has released an updated edition of its GED prep book.

What makes this guide so popular is its gradual approach to the lessons. Step-by-step, you are eased into the substance of each topic that comprises the GED exam. Even if you have little prior knowledge of the subject area, you will find the lessons manageable and even enjoyable. They do an excellent job of really teaching you the subject matter so you know it on test day. At 984 pages, this book is very thorough, covering each of the subjects in depth.

In addition to more traditional subject matter coverage, Preparation for the GED Test contains strategic advice on how to tackle the test, numerous helpful quizzes, and 1,000+ practice questions with detailed and thoughtful explanations. The book also features two realistic full-length practice tests covering all subject areas. Although they do a great job in all subject areas, McGraw Hill’s guide shines particularly bright in the math sections. Here, Preparation for the GED Test is leading the pack and those struggling with this part of the test are well advised to use this guide, by itself or in addition to other study aids.

This comprehensive GED study guide is up to date, helpful, thorough, and – last but not least – offers great value for money.

Master the GED Test 2018 by Peterson’s

Best GED books Peterson 2018Peterson’s latest GED prep book has also been revised and features all new content for the GED test in this 2018 edition. The guide offers both strategic guidance on taking the GED as well as extensive coverage of the substantive aspects of the test. 

Master the GED Test offers a full diagnostic test that highlights your strengths and weaknesses to help you focus your studies on the areas you need it the most.  The book includes easy-to-understand lessons on the four subject areas of the GED exam.  The book also offers two GED practice tests, complete with explanations and answers, which allows you to determine how well you have processed the materials from the lessons. The practice tests are a great indication of how you will do on the real thing, so if you get a score lower than you would like in a certain subject, you can go back for further review before your test day.

Peterson’s study guide also contains a word list of approximately 500 commonly seen words on the GED as well as a top 10 list of test-taking tips and a background section on what the latest incarnation of the GED test covers.

As an added benefit, the writing style of this book is very friendly. It employs a conversational tone and uses simple, easy-to-understand language, making this – together with its substantive strengths – one of the best GED books on the market for the current version of the test.

REA’s Total Solution For the GED Test

Best GED prep book 2017 REAWhat makes REA College Prep’s Total Solutions For the GED Test (now available in its expanded and improved edition) one of the best GED prep books is the fact that it provides a diagnostic test for each of the four subject areas.  This online scored test, which begins the preparation for the GED, allows test takers to pinpoint their weaknesses in each subject area before they begin preparing. It also lets test-takers practice the latest types of GED questions, such as by providing samples of drag-and-drop and others question formats that would otherwise be unfamiliar.

Of course, REA’s study guide offers a host of other valuable features. These include a study plan, comprehensive and easy-to-understand lessons for mastering each of the GED subjects, and two full-length GED practice tests. Moreover, weighing in at over 1000 pages, this books also offers a plethora of strategic advice, including backgrounds on the types of questions the new GED asks and the purpose of these questions.  It also supplements its lessons with examples, which allow the test-taker to see right away if they have understood the lesson.

Written in a more professional, authoritative tone than some of the other books on the market, this book will appeal to everybody who’s serious about succeeding on the GED. Regardless of your age, this is undoubtedly one of the best GED books.

Steck-Vaughn GED: Complete Preparation

Best GED Prep Book Steck Vaughn

For thorough coverage of each of the subjects for the latest GED exam in a well-structured manner, the Steck-Vaughn series of books is still recommended. Steck-Vaughn has long been a trusted provider of test prep books and was already well-known as the publisher of some of the best GED prep books for the old version of the exam. They long seemed set to continue this track record, although this manual has not been updated in some time, which means that it may not reflect the latest GED testing insights. Also, this publisher is not as well known as Kaplan or Princeton Review, which means that if you prefer to stick to the mainstream names this might not be the right choice for you.

Nevertheless, among its series of GED study guides, the Steck-Vaughn GED: Complete Preparation book is still noteworthy and could be used as a good complementary source. This guide – weighing in at an impressive 912 pages – is very thorough, yet written in a simple and focused manner, breaking down the material into elemental concepts. It is accessible but, at the same time, manages to offer a high level of instruction for each of the subjects, as well as ample opportunity to practice and review.

This top-rated manual is a strong addition to our compilation of reviews of the best preparation books for the GED exam. It is comprehensive, clear, and effective in its approach. As such, although this source should be updated to retain its value, it’s easy to see why many GED test-takers have chosen to use this book as their primary or complementary source for their GED prep.

GED Math Test Tutor For the New GED Test

Best GED Prep Books Math Tutor

GED test takers routinely report that the Math section is the most difficult section of the exam. This study guide (also published by REA and written by GED math ace Sandra Rush) focuses only on the Math content of the GED. It designed to act as your personal math tutor!

Reviewing all the basics of math as well as providing helpful tips on how to conquer the new types of GED math questions, this book provides specific and clear details on the fundamentals that are necessary to master this section of the test. It also includes a tutorial for the Texas Instruments TI-30XS MultiView Calculator, the recommended calculator to use during your exam.

GED Math Test Tutor For the New GED Test is simple and concise and the author takes a no-nonsense approach to tackling the more difficult math questions.  It also offers plenty of opportunity to review newly learned math skills and includes two full-length practice tests.

For those struggling with math, this is certainly one of the best GED prep books to have.

Barron’s How to Prepare for the GED Test (with CD-ROM)

Best GED Prep book Barrons

Barron’s is also among the books on the market that have been completely redesigned to reflect the changes to the new computerized GED exam. Thus, test-takers can be confident that it covers all the procedural and substantive aspects of the revised test.

 If you like to take practice tests, How to Prepare for the GED Test offers four of them! Taking practice tests is a great way to boost your confidence. It also highlights areas where you may need further study before test day. Barron’s also includes diagnostic tests to help you determine which areas you need more study. With an easy-to-understand writing style that covers the four subjects on the GED exam, this book will help you fully grasp the subject matter you will be tested on during your exam. Unfortunately, the book does contain a number of errors and the practice tests. Also, the practice tests found on the accompanying CD do not give an actual score, but only provide a tally of wrong answers.

Nevertheless, despite some smaller weaknesses, those looking for a simple and concise guide to the GED will still find plenty of value in this 768-page GED prep book.

Barron’s GED Flash Cards

Best GED Prep Books Flash Cards

While Barron’s flash cards are divided into the five subject areas of the old GED test, their contents remain useful for the new GED test.

Providing 450 flash cards which can be arranged in any order on an accompanying key ring, these flash cards provide a fun, portable way to study for the GED.  Flash cards break down more difficult aspects of the GED into bite-sized pieces making it both more enjoyable and easier to master the GED subjects.

For those looking for a more fun and creative way to study, this one is a definite must in the arsenal of the most useful GED study aids.

GED Testing Service Resources

To conclude this list of the best GED prep books, we should note an important free source. GED Testing Service offers free materials on their website to help you prepare for taking the GED exam, including a free practice test in both English and Spanish. You can also register to access their GED Portal, where you will find review materials and additional practice questions. Unfortunately, they do not offer a list of testing centers in the United States from their site. You will need to check with your local government agencies or community colleges to find a testing center near you.