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Is your goal to become accepted to a top-notch MBA or other graduate management program? Then taking the best GMAT prep course is crucial. In order to assist you, we have compiled reviews of the best GMAT prep courses for 2018 below. Whatever your individual needs, expectations, and budget, these leading providers will have an option that should suit you.

Magoosh GMAT Review

Best GMAT Prep Course Magoosh Online

Magoosh – a friendly, Berkeley-based company founded by a young team of MBAs – offers an online-only GMAT prep course that makes preparing for the exam easy and convenient.

If you are a self-studier looking to study when and where it is convenient for you, a professional with a hectic work schedule, or simply someone who learns best by using videos, Magoosh GMAT review might be the best GMAT prep course for you.

The simple design of Magoosh’s online platform will help you get the most out of your study. For example, if you cannot answer a question, flag it for review later, and customize your practice to get the most from the simulated environment. Another helpful feature is the Detailed Summary data. By reviewing this, you can track and compare your pace with other students and also generate a score prediction for test day.

In terms of substance, the most encompassing Premium package – which comes with 12 months of access – offers more than 250 video lessons, over 800 practice questions, and a guarantee that you will improve your score by 50 points or more. There are currently no practice tests offered, but the company promises to add these soon to its GMAT prep course package.

Because Magoosh GMAT is entirely online, the price is much lower than programs conducted in classrooms with live instructors. While the course is perhaps not as rich in features and resources as others, countless enthusiastic Magoosh GMAT reviews nevertheless show that these guys have the necessary experience and expert instructors to ensure excellent quality and results.

Kaplan GMAT

  • Classroom On Site: From $1,249
  • Classroom Online: From $1,049
  • Self Paced: From $699
  • Private Tutoring: From $2,499

Kaplan Best GMAT Prep Course

The Kaplan GMAT Prep courses come essentially in four different flavors: Classroom on Site (in-person instruction in the classroom); Classroom Anywhere (online live instruction); On Demand (online videos); and One-on-One (personal tutor).

Those enrolling in Kaplan’s courses benefit from being able to rely on one of the most trusted names in the test prep business. Moreover, either through its own test centers abroad or via certified providers, Kaplan has a strong international presence, offering the best GMAT test prep course options for test-takers who are located outside the United States and are looking for classroom instruction.

For those who prefer to sit in a physical classroom to maximize their learning experience, Kaplan offers countless test locations, including in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and Philadelphia.  If you prefer to study from the comforts of your own home, you can take either the live streaming instruction or – in order to be able to study whenever you want – the on-demand option that is structured as an online video course. Finally, test-takers can also opt for the luxury of having a personal tutor, either in person or via webcam.

Kaplan GMAT offers a number of features that make it stand out in particular. Among the most noteworthy in this regard are its “Smart Reports” that set assignments based on an individual assessment of strengths and weaknesses; its provision of  the highest number of computer adaptive tests and Integrated Reasoning sections (including access to more than 5,000 test questions and exercises and 9 different practice tests); and their exclusive agreement that allows their students to fight the jitters by taking practice computer-adaptive GMAT tests at the actual testing facilities.

Finally, while this is already plenty for Kaplan to make it easily on any list of the best GMAT prep course providers, there is more. Kaplan also offers a Higher Score Guarantee program. The Higher Score Guarantee is for Kaplan students who feel they are not ready to take the exam, have taken the exam but are unhappy with their score, or have failed to raise their score. Kaplan allows every student the opportunity to take courses for three months following they first prep course if they do not feel ready to test, or if they are not satisfied with their score. Students can also request their money back if test scores have not improved.

If you are looking for an almost universally known standardized testing expert with solid instruction techniques and quality of material, Kaplan may well offer the best GMAT test prep course. In addition, Kaplan’s programs are priced competitively and the provider offers coupons on a regular basis via their website.

Manhattan GMAT

  • Complete Course: $1,599 (classroom) / $1,299 (live online)
  • Guided Self-Study: From $499
  • Private Tutoring: From $255 per hour
  • Boot Camp: $2,950

Best GMAT Prep Course ManhattanContrary to what might be inferred from its name, Manhattan GMAT’s prep courses are offered not only in New York. In reality, its classroom based “Complete Course”  is available in many locations across the United States (and selected international locations), including NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, D.C, and many more.  Moreover, for those who don’t live near a test center, the course is also available in a live online version.

The Complete Course is the most encompassing package. It includes access to more than 4,200 practice problems, a combined 54 hours of classroom instruction and homework tutoring (split equally between in-class and online), individual assessments, and advice through online forums. Students also receive access to a full set of online resources – including on-demand class recordings, essay grading software, and six proprietary full-length mock GMAT exams – and are provided with Manhattan’s top-notch GMAT Strategy Guides. The latter is particularly noteworthy given that these study guides belong to the top GMAT books available on the market.

If you prefer alternative options, Manhattan GMAT also offers a flexible Guided Self-Study Course that offers the usual benefits but does not include class time (and can be supplemented with on-demand class recordings). Moreover, for a completely customizable study option, test-takers may opt for Private Tutoring.

Finally, for those in need of a quick and intense GMAT crash course, there is the opportunity to enroll in one of Manhattan’s GMAT Boot Camps. Boot Camps take place in selected locations and consist of two weeks of classroom instructions combined with individualized coaching and access to many online resources.

What separates this preparatory course from others is the content and material that is used. While Manhattan GMAT is a subsidiary of Kaplan, it has a specialized focus with a dedicated curriculum team that focuses on developing new content regularly. Rather than teaching students tips and tricks to get past the test, the program focuses on helping you truly understand the academic areas you will be tested on.

Manhattan GMAT also boasts an impressive group of instructors. The company has a very selective hiring approach. Not only must every instructor score in the 99th percentile of the GMAT (currently more than 760) but they also need to have strong classroom skills and previous teaching experience. In addition, Manhattan GMAT invests heavily in training and pays salaries that are well above the industry standard. Thus, students can rest assured that they are taught by highly qualified and motivated instructors.

With an advanced learning approach, exceptionally strong and highly-compensated teachers, and focused curriculum, Manhattan’s various offerings are clearly among the very best GMAT prep courses – if not the best GMAT prep courses. Although only by a small margin, Manhattan is currently also the leading GMAT prep course company based on favorable user reviews. While these ratings are only a reflection of a relatively small percentage of users’ opinions, the truth is that test-takers simply can’t go wrong with this prep company.

Veritas Prep GMAT

  • Full Course: $1,650
  • Immersion Course: $1,800
  • Private Tutoring: From $2,950
  • On Demand: $950

Best GMAT Prep Course VeritasVeritas Prep was founded in 2002 and has quickly expanded. It currently offers dozens of different classroom locations across the globe, including in major metropolitan areas like New York. Veritas Prep for GMAT also only hires instructors who are in the 99th percentile based on their own GMAT test results.

The menu of course options includes the flagship Full Course; an intensive Immersion Course, which compresses the contents of the Full Course into a seven-day intensive seminar-style course; private tutoring; and on demand pre-recorded lectures. The Full Course, Immersion Course, and one-on-one tutoring are also available online, which in the case of the first two naturally results in substantial cost savings.

Veritas Prep students get to study from the company’s strong course materials – also available separately – and enjoy 36 classroom hours, a score/money-back guarantee, and a host of resources. Some of the resources include: 12 lesson booklets; 12 practice tests; Myers Briggs game plans; MBA workshops; live online tutoring; and 3,000+ GMAT problems. As an added service, students can also opt to work with a large team of MBA admissions consultants, a service that can be bundled with the actual GMAT prep course.

Veritas Prep’s approach is marked by its focus on teaching how the GMAT is written or, in other words, to think like those who draft the test questions. This, according to Veritas Prep, enables test-takers to get a deeper understanding of the GMAT, ultimately enabling them to confidently tackle the problems they will be presented with on the day of the exam. In the same vein, Veritas Prep pushes logical and problem-solving skills and is less reliant on more basic tricks, strategies, or memorizing.

In course reviews, Veritas Prep has consistently been rated as one of the best GMAT prep courses. Ultimately, although the company tends to lead its competitors in live classroom hours and number of computer adaptive practice tests, the decisive question for test-takers is whether or not they believe that Veritas Prep’s teaching philosophy is a better fit for them than other companies’ pedagogic approaches.

Princeton Review GMAT

  • Ultimate 27-Hour Course: $1,699 (small group) / $1,299 (regular) / $899 (live online)
  • Self-Prep Kit: $499
  • Private Tutoring: From $115/hour

Best GMAT Prep Course PrincetonThe Princeton Review has undertaken in-depth research on GMAT exam-taking, finding that in-person interaction is key to designing the best GMAT prep course and succeeding on the exam.

If your next stop is business school, Princeton provides students with an active environment where teachers and students work together in the classroom or one-on-one in 41 different states, including NYC and many other locations across the U.S., and 21 countries.

You can choose from group instruction or individual GMAT tutoring for 1-on-1 flexible preparation. The flagship program is the comprehensive GMAT Ultimate prep class, which includes 27 hours of live instruction and additional one-on-one feedback, 10 practice tests and other resources, access to online practice questions and drills, and the option to attend a dedicated GMAT workshop at no additional cost. The Ultimate Course is available in both an in-class and online version. While all Princeton classes have a very limited number of students, the Ultimate Course can be booked as a small group course with no more than four students per class.

Princeton’s tutors will even come to your home – or  any other location that is convenient for you – in order to accommodate busy schedules. While in-person interaction is preferred, Princeton Review has also developed a modern version of tutoring over the Internet for students who cannot fit in-class instruction in their schedule.

Alternatively, Princeton also offers self-guided GMAT prep course. This is Princeton’s most economical option, entailing a home study kit with selected materials used in its classes as well as web access to on-demand key video lessons, drills, and 10 full-length model exams.

In sum, Princeton believes that dynamic interactions between instructors and a small, focused group of students (or one-on-one tutoring) will yield optimal results when preparing for the GMAT.  If you are most comfortable with these kinds of study environments, this may well be worth looking into as one of the best GMAT prep courses.

Economist GMAT Tutor

  • Complete Prep: $750 (3 months)
  • Premium Prep: $950 (6 months)
  • Ultimate Prep: $1,199 (12 months)

Best GMAT Prep Course Economist TutorThe Economist is among the latest additions to the GMAT prep scene. Recently launched, this course is based on an online platform, which students access with their computers and/or their iPhones and iPads (Android support should follow in the near future).

Up to 120 hours worth of content and 5,000+ practice questions form the heart of this course. Moreover, the online learning experience is supported with additional, more “human” tools, including limited live video/skype sessions and personal support from GMAT tutors via phone, instant messaging, or email.

The Economist GMAT Tutor platform’s architects have invested considerable effort in designing an interactive and smart adaptive learning algorithm. The longer a user engages with the program and keeps answering its question sequences, the better it becomes at identifying individual strengths and weaknesses. On this basis, prospective test-takers are guided towards focusing on those areas that they need to improve the most, thereby efficiently concentrating their energy and study efforts.

With three different plans, you can decide how much help you need during your preparation. Complete, Premium, and Ultimate Prep all cover each section of the GMAT but offer varying levels of resources and support: Thus, depending on which plan you choose, the Economist GMAT Tutor provides 4, 8, or 10 live 1-on-1 video sessions; 4, 8, or 10 marked essays; and 3, 5, or 6 practice exams. There are also score guarantees for each plan, which promise you to improve by 50 points (Complete Prep) or 70 points (Premium and Ultimate Prep) on your exam.

The Economist GMAT Tutor is for students who are looking for flexibility but still want to be guided by real tutors. With 24/7 online access, you can study any time of day and any day of the week without getting stuck. The adaptive internet interface is designed to help students target areas that they need to focus on, and there are no set schedules, no classes and no busy commutes.

The Economist GMAT Tutor is so sure that you will be impressed, there is a 7-day free trial. Even if you’re not convinced whether this is the best GMAT prep course for you, there’s no risk in giving it a try.

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Unless otherwise indicated, all GMAT prep course prices are before applicable discounts and are current as of April 2018. Please contact us should you have any suggestions or corrections.