Manhattan Review GMAT Data Sufficiency Guide (6th Edition)

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Study Guide Review

Manhattan Review strikes again with two new books from their The Turbocharge Your GMAT Series, designed to optimize your GMAT studying: Manhattan Review GMAT Data Sufficiency Guide and Manhattan Review GMAT Quantitative Question Bank (both are in their 6th edition).

The first book, Manhattan Review GMAT Data Sufficiency Guide, 6th edition, is one of the few books dedicated solely to the topic of data sufficiency. This study guide provides a conceptual approach to data sufficiency problems, offering both assistance with understanding these types of problems as well as providing guidance on how best to strategically approach them.

The book takes a holistic approach to understanding data sufficiency by exploring the logic behind these types of questions and how they are tested on the GMAT.  It also helps test takers become more familiar with data sufficiency questions through a unique ‘Hints’ section, which provides minimum guidance for solving these types of problems without giving the solution right away. Moreover, this book contains a detailed practice section complete with answers that should be key to honing data sufficiency skills.

ll in all, for maximizing data sufficiency knowledge, the Manhattan Review GMAT Data Sufficiency Guide is one of the best GMAT test study guides out there.

Similarly, for those looking for even more quant practice, the Manhattan Review GMAT Quantitative Question Bank, 6thedition is the book to have. With over 500 quantitative-oriented GMAT practice questions, this GMAT test prep book is the mecca of quant questions.  Yet this preparation manual is more than simply a vehicle for practice. It also offers solid advice on how to approach quantitative questions, often offering up to four different alternative ways of approaching the same problem, in an effort to get test takers to understand how to approach quantitative problems from a myriad of ways.

 The Manhattan Review GMAT Quantitative Question Bank is a must have for those looking to up their quant game and also one of the top GMAT test study guides on the market.

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