Sterling Test Prep MCAT Practice Tests: Chemical & Physical and Biological & Biochemical Foundations

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Study Guide Review

Details and thorough explanations – these two terms fully describe the benefits of the Sterling MCAT 2015 Practice Tests: Chemical & Physical Foundations and Biological & Biochemical Foundations book.

Sterling’s popular practice guide offers a useful foundation for studying the nuances and intricacies of the MCAT’s science material. The book contains four practice tests for each subject; that is four Biological & Biochemical Foundations MCAT practice tests and four Chemical & Physical Foundations MCAT practice tests. Equally important, test-takers are provided with detailed explanations for the correct answers as well as explanations why the other answers are incorrect.

Additionally, readers can also gain online access to the MCAT practice tests in the book and additional practice tests, complete with computer based simulation of MCAT testing conditions and diagnostic reports with scores.

Every test can only be fully mastered through plenty of practice. Given its practice focus and quality, these books are therefore clearly among the best MCAT study guides available as a means of increasing test takers’ MCAT success.

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