Revamping the GMAT


GMAC changes GMATIn an effort to improve and streamline the GMAC, the Graduate Management Admission Council who administers the GMAT, is introducing three new features designed to enhance the GMAT test takers experience.  These features take effect from July 19 onwards.

The first feature is the removal of the “C” designation that used to represent a candidate’s cancelled score on a score report.  This leaves the candidate as the only one who will know whether a score was cancelled.  This feature is designed to gain more control and confidence of their GMAT experience.

The second feature is the introduction of a shorter time frame after which a candidate can repeat taking the GMAT.  Prior to this change, candidates had to wait 31 days before they could retake the GMAT; now they can retake it after 16 days.  This gives candidates a shorter time period for retaking the exam which may better accommodate their schedules or deadlines.  However, candidates remain unable to take more than five GMATs within a 12-month time frame.

Finally, from now on candidates will no longer need a separate authentication code to view their Official Score Report online.  Instead, they will simply be able to use their date of birth to access it.

Most of these changes were introduced as a response to candidate feedback.  Only time will tell whether these changes do, indeed, enhance the GMAT test taking experience.

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