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A Must-Take Shortest SAT Quiz by Gary Gruber, Ph.D.

The National SAT scores have been decreasing each year. Will you be eligible to attend a top college with the SAT? Take Dr. Gruber’s Shortest SAT Quiz with 10 SAT practice questions & answers to find out. 

Are you looking for a fun way to test your SAT skills?

There is no better way than taking an SAT quiz with high-quality SAT practice questions to help evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Practice how to apply the knowledge and concepts that are tested on the SAT with the quiz below!

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Take our free online SAT quiz and test your boundaries: This Must-Take SAT Shortest Quiz by standardized test-taking guru Dr. Gary Gruber offers you SAT practice questions with answers and winning strategies. The quiz features the 10  most important SAT type questions you need to know and, once you complete the quiz, you will find detailed explanations to these questions which outline Dr. Gruber’s Top 10 SAT Strategies. Learning these SAT strategies and how to use them in this fun and eye-opening test will help you boost your score on the SAT.

The SAT Quiz and practice questions cover the following sections of the test:

  • Critical Reading: 4 questions (give yourself 4 minutes for this part)
  • Math: 4 questions (give yourself 6 minutes for this part)
  • Writing:  2 questions (give yourself 1 minute for this part)

The SAT Quiz and its practice questions will introduce you to the following SAT strategies:

SAT Quiz Section 1 – Critical Reading

  • 1. Strategy: Watch for Key Words
  • 2. Strategy: Use Word Associations
  • 3. Strategy: Learn Prefixes and Roots of Words
  • 4. Strategy: Underline Words, Statements or Phrases

SAT Quiz Section 2 – Math

  • 1. Strategy:  Translate Words to Math
  • 2. Strategy: Draw Lines
  • 3. Strategy: Remember and Use Classic Forms
  • 4. Strategy: When Dealing with Equations, Add, Subtract, Multiply or Divide

SAT Quiz Section 3 – Writing

  • 1. Strategy: Be Careful What You Modify
  • 2. Strategy:  Don’t Leave Out a Part of Speech in the Sentence

These strategies were based on an eight year study with students scoring low on the various types of questions on tests involving these strategies. When those students were exposed to these strategies, they had markedly increased their scores on the test such as the SAT and ACT which use questions involving these strategies. Note that the complete set of strategies can be found in Dr. Gruber’s books.

Take the SAT Quiz Now

Gary R. Gruber, Ph.D.  is recognized as the leading authority on standardized tests and the originator of the critical thinking skills used to prepare for them. Through his work, more than 40 books with over 7 million copies sold he has dramatically increased aptitude and intelligence among all age groups. Dr. Gruber has been helping students excel on their SAT’s, and ACT’s for more than 30 years. His lifelong mission is to get the nation passionate about problem solving and to develop and hone critical thinking abilities. Gruber’s Complete SAT Guide-2014 (17th Edition), Gruber’s Complete ACT Guide 2014Gruber’s Complete PSAT Guide 2014, and Gruber’s Complete GRE Guide 2014 are his latest books. Check out his web site: 

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