Top COMPASS Test Study Guides for 2018

Finding the best COMPASS test study guides is crucial for your success on a series of college placement tests that the COMPASS test covers. Specific COMPASS tests cover Math, Reading, Essay, Writing Skills, and English as a Second Language (ESL). They are designed to help locate which college course is most appropriate. Because the COMPASS tests are used as an indicator for placement level, students can save the costs, time, and hassle of having to take basic courses in the tested areas by doing well. To ensure this success, here are the best COMPASS test study guides for 2018.

COMPASS Exam Secrets Study Guide

Best Compass test study guide secretsThe best-selling COMPASS Exam Secrets Study Guide (subtitle: COMPASS Test Review for the Computer Adaptive Placement Assessment and Support System) offers a comprehensive, no-fluff approach to studying for the COMPASS.  Offering coverage on Math, Reading, and Writing, this COMPASS study book provides detailed information on each of the topics that are covered on the exam. Its writing style is no-nonsense, meaning that explanations are direct and to the point.

Yet, the coverage of topics is thorough and detailed, allowing test-takers to absorb significant amounts of information. This book also provides significant information relating to strategy and test-taking hints and hacks. In this regard, addition to offering general test taking tips and advice, the book offers strategies for individual areas of the COMPASS.  Moreover, it complements its coverage by the provision of a COMPASS practice test complete with explanations for answers. One of the COMPASS Exam Secrets Study Guide’s more innovative aspects is that it complements its written materials with on-line videos, which test takers can watch to complement their insights from this book.

With such a plethora of useful information, it is not surprising that the COMPASS Exam Secrets Study Guide is one of the most popular, highly rated, and simply best COMPASS test study guides on the market. If you decide to buy only one COMPASS test study guide, this should be it.

COMPASS Test Study Guide 2018

Compass test study guides The COMPASS Test Study Guide 2018 offers a comprehensive study of all the key COMPASS subjects.  Written in an accessible style, this book contains four sections. One section is devoted to reading, one to writing skills, one to writing essay and one to math.

COMPASS Test Study Guide 2018 is informative in its approach in breaking down the topics into more understandable components and it also provides plenty of COMPASS practice through the provision of over 150 practice questions, which come complete with answers. A large part of the book is devoted to review of key math concepts ranging from algebraic equations to quantitative reasoning. These parts also provide a good overview of the different types of math questions as well as how to approach them.

The COMPASS Test Study Guide is a very solid book in all aspects, and it is particularly useful as a COMPASS math study guide. Overall, test-takers can’t go wrong with this study manual, which has recently been modernized and fully updated.

COMPASS Exam Practice Questions: COMPASS Practice Tests & Review

Best Compass test study guide practice questionsThe key to conquering any type of standardized test is practice and the COMPASS Exam Practice Questions guide is one of the best ways of obtaining that practice.  This exam prep book ideally complements the COMPASS Exam Secrets Study Guide (reviewed above) and provides a highly effective method for applying the knowledge that test-takers have obtained in that book. Both exam preparation books are written by the same team.

One of the main strengths of this preparation book is that it provides you with two full realistic COMPASS tests along with answers and detailed explanations for those tests. While this book will not provide you with overviews of material or strategic advice (we recommend the COMPASS Exam Secrets Study Guide for that), it will provide ample opportunity to practice the skills necessary to successfully complete the COMPASS.  Moreover, as this book explains the answers to the practice tests, it also acts as a way to bolster prior knowledge in the area.

With its effective practice tests and detailed explanations of the answers, it is no wonder why this book is one of the leading practice-oriented COMPASS test study guides that are available on the market.

COMPASS Exam – Bob Miller’s Math Prep

Best Compass test study guide Bob MillerStudents often complain that the COMPASS test they fear the most is Math, so for those students a guide devoted singularly to math concepts is an absolute necessity. Enter Bob Miller’s Math Prep for the COMPASS Exam as a great study aid to simplify difficult math concepts.

This COMPASS math study guide covers – in great detail – every tested math concept. Indeed, Bob Miller does a fantastic job in explaining complex topics in an easy to understand style.  The author is lively in his approach, ensuring that math learning is not dull.  This book also contains two practice tests complete with answers, which allows students to practice the math knowledge they have obtained from earlier sections of the book.

Overall, this guide is a great way to brush up on math skills. We think that it is an absolute must for those who need specific help on math, but also a good book in general to have in the COMPASS arsenal. Given its specialized focus, this resource easily deserves a place on our list of the top COMPASS test study guides.

ACT Compass Math Test Success: Advantage+ Edition

 Compass test study guide MathOffering its readers as no nonsense approach to improving math skills for the COMPASS, the ACT Compass Math Test Success: Advantage Plus book is a great help for those looking to augment their math skills and knowledge.

This COMPASS test prep book offers instruction on key math topics, highlights the important rules to remember, and then offers a practice problem to allow the student to immediately apply the newly acquired knowledge.  All in all, this book offers 150 practice problems and targets many of the key elements of math needed to achieve success on the COMPASS.

The book’s approach to instruction is brief and to the point, but for those who are not necessarily looking for elaborated explanations, this is among the most effective books out there. If you want to focus on math, however, we would recommend to also buy Bob Miller’s guide that we reviewed above, which is still more comprehensive and somewhat superior in terms of layout.

COMPASS Exam Flashcard Study System

Best Compass test study guide flash cardsAre you looking for a different approach to studying for the COMPASS?  One that is quick, effective, and fun? In that case, flashcards may be the answer.

COMPASS Exam Flashcard Study System (full title: COMPASS Test Practice Questions & Review for the Computer Adaptive Placement Assessment and Support System – Cards) offers a set of cards that cover each of the three subjects of the COMPASS – writing, reading, and math. But these subjects are boiled down into their essential components and imprinted onto a card.  The cards can then be used to easily learn – through repetition – key concepts.

Still, to our surprise, we found that the cards contain sufficient information to learn the concepts (without necessarily having to resort to an additional textbook, although it’s of course better to do so).  The best thing about these flashcards is that they take large amounts of information and transform them into digestible bits of information that are easy to retain.  Flashcards are also a great way to study while on the go so studying for the COMPASS can continue even while waiting in the doctor’s office, in line at the bank, etc.  These flashcards are an ingenious idea and one of the best COMPASS study aids available.

Pass the COMPASS: COMPASS Study Guide and Practice Test Questions

Compass test study guidesThis book (now in its 6th edition) will teach you one important insight: You may already have many of the skills needed to pass the COMPASS but you don’t yet know it. Therefore, your task is to unlock these skills, and that’s precisely what this guide wants to help you achieve.

Pass the COMPASS: Study Guide and Practice Questions does a great job in helping you hone in and focus on the skills you have and those you need to improve. This book is structured to allow test takers to undergo self-assessments at the outset that are designed to indicate areas needed for improvement.  The book then proceeds to allow test takers to improve on these deficiencies with its substantive coverage of all the key subjects of the COMPASS.  Test takers are subsequently given an opportunity to determine whether they have addressed their deficiencies by undergoing 2 complete practice tests.

This system is perfect for those who have a short amount of time to study for the COMPASS and need to zero in on their shortcomings. For this reason, Pass the COMPASS is highly recommended as one of the most creative and efficient approaches to helping you master the test.

ACT Compass Reading Test Success Advantage+ Edition

Compass test study guides Success ReadingThe final book on our list is ACT COMPASS Reading Test Success Advantage Plus Edition, which includes 25 COMPASS reading practice tests, reading strategies, and tips for the Reading section.

Obviously, if you feel like you need to focus particularly on the reading aspects of the COMPASS, this book is for you. Adopting a straight forward approach to learning, ACT COMPASS Reading Test Success covers each of the essential subtopics of reading and does so in a very direct manner.  There are no frills in this book, just an outline of relevant rules and strategies designed to help you better understand issues relating to Reading.

ACT COMPASS Reading Test Success also provides 25 sample reading tests allowing you to practice, practice, and practice reading until your skills are finely tuned. In conclusion, this book is a no-nonsense approach to reading, making it one of the best COMPASS test study guides given its specialized focus on reading.

Best COMPASS Test Study Guide

RankingPublisherBook TitlePagesYearPractice TestsPrice Range
1Mometrix MediaCOMPASS Exam Secrets Study Guide2162014N/A$$
2COMPASS Exam Prep TeamCOMPASS Test Study Guide 201618620161$$
3Mometrix MediaCOMPASS Exam Practice Questions1402013N/A$
4Research & Education AssociationBob Miller's Math Prep32420132$
5Academic Success MediaACT Compass Math Test Success: Advantage+ Edition2745322014N/A$
6Mometrix MediaCOMPASS Exam Flashcard Study System3732013N/A$$
7Complete Test PreparationPass the COMPASS: COMPASS Study Guide and Practice Test Questions3582014N/A$
8Academic Success MediaACT Compass Reading Test Success Advantage+ Edition1202014N/A$