The Best SAT Prep Course

You’ve done all the research and know exactly where you want to go to college. Now you just need to get in! Standardized test scores are one of the key factors admissions offers use when deciding who will get acceptance letters. As competition for admission is fierce (especially at top-tier schools), you want to make sure you are fully prepared to get a high score on your SAT.  Here we review the Best SAT Prep Courses that will help you achieve the results you need to get into your top school.

Best SAT Prep Courses by Mainstream Providers

Princeton Review

Best SAT prep course Princeton

  • Flexible study options for busy schedules
  • Self-Paced Online Course: $299
  • Ultimate Classroom Course: $999
  • Personal Tutoring: $125 – $150 per hour

At the top of our list for Best SAT Prep Courses is Princeton Review. They have several different course options based on your needs and budget.  Princeton Review earned the top spot because of the personal attention they offer to each student. All of their courses include 3 hours of on-demand support through online chat from one of their highly-trained instructors. This is a great way to get some personal tutoring at a lower cost.

The Princeton Review courses offer tremendous flexibility. With so many demands on your time right now, finding time to study for the SAT might seem overwhelming. Princeton Review has developed different courses that are all highly flexible, making it much easier for you to get the type of course you want delivered in a way that will fit into your busy life.

Their self-paced, online only course offers over 150 video lessons, 2,000 practice questions, and 4 practice tests, which are accessed through their online platform. They are available any time so you can choose when you want to study. The great thing about their platform is that it recognizes areas where you may need additional support and then recommends lessons in those areas. This along with their 3 hours of on-demand teacher support makes this a highly personalized online course to meet your individual needs.

If you prefer to take classes, they offer in-person or online live-streaming classes with expert instructors. Check their website for class locations, but we found they are offered in many areas across the US.  You can also access their online platform, where you will find additional video lessons and practice exercises that you can do at a time most convenient for you. This course includes four proctored practice tests, which is a great way to prepare for taking the SAT.

Princeton Review also offers personal tutoring, which is the ultimate personalized course built specifically for you. Your tutor gets to know you and will address specific areas where you may need extra support.

We like that Princeton has other course options including a summer Immersion “Boot Camp” and a course specifically designed for Sophomores to help them start preparing for the SAT and the college admissions process.

With their flexible options, you can find a course with Princeton Review that will fit into your busy life and help you get the score you need on your SAT.

Veritas Prep SAT Prep Courses

Best SAT prep course Veritas

  • Best for high performing students
  • Classroom Course: $690
  • Self-Study Course: $490
  • Private Tutoring: $2,900 – $6,800

The only reason the Veritas Prep SAT Prep Courses didn’t come in first on our Best SAT Prep Courses review is because their courses are designed specifically for high performing students. The features and benefits offered by Veritas are fantastic, giving students plenty of flexible classroom instruction, practice opportunities, and personalized support for a full year. But because they have developed their course for only a certain type of student, we moved them to a close second on our list. Every feature of Veritas course is designed to push the top performers to an even higher level so they get the scores required by elite colleges.

Veritas offers three course options. Their Full Course includes 25 hours of classroom instruction, either in-person or streamed online. All of the Veritas instructors scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT, so they know what it takes to earn that top score and can pass those tips along to you. They also offer a Self-Study course where you can watch instructional videos on-demand at any time. This course is great for those with busy schedules.  Their third option is Private Tutoring, which can be done in-person or online and offers the most personalized support with their elite instructors.

Each course options comes with access to their online learning platform, where you will find study support, additional content, and practice opportunities. The best part of the platform though is their online office hours, where you can chat with a teacher any time during office hours for additional personalized support. Their online tool is available to you for 12 months, which is great for those taking the test more than once or for those who want advanced study time.


Best SAT prep courses Kaplan

  • Great for test-takers who prefer taking classes
  • Live Online Instruction with Self-Paced Study: $599
  • Classroom Instruction: $799
  • Classroom plus Personal Coaching: $1199

Industry powerhouse Kaplan understands how to deliver top-notch classes for high stakes test prep, and they don’t disappoint with their SAT Prep courses. Kaplan offers personalized study plans that focus on your weak areas, eight practice tests, and a range of course options from self-study to personal tutoring. They are one of the best SAT Prep Courses though because of their live, interactive classes that are offered in all of their course options.

Kaplan has created the SAT Channel, an online tool that offers over 30 hours of interactive live instruction from Kaplan’s expert teachers.  With Kaplan’s technology, you can raise your virtual hand to ask questions in their live online classes. Instructors can answer you during a class, just like a regular in-person class. These classes are in addition to the traditional in-person classes Kaplan offers as part of their classroom based course. Kaplan offers the most live instruction of any SAT prep course we reviewed.

Kaplan boasts that 95% of their students get into one or more of their top choice colleges. They also offer a money back guarantee (with certain restrictions). If you learn best with classroom instruction, this is the best SAT prep course for you.


Best SAT prep Magoosh

  • Best for people short on time
  • Excellent value
  • One Month Plan: $79
  • Three Months Plan: $237
  • Six Months Plan: $474

Who better to develop an SAT Test Prep course than a company whose name means “one who is highly learned, wise, and generous”? While we do love the name, Magoosh backs it up with the best SAT test prep course for people who are short on time and have limited budgets. The Magoosh course is all online, which makes it easier to schedule study time into your busy life. They offer 140 video lessons, 400 practice questions, personalized study plans, practice tests, and email support, all for as low as $79. With a guarantee to raise your score by 100 points, this is a great course to quickly prepare you for the SAT.

Khan Academy

Best SAT prep course Khan Academy

  • Great for people on a budget
  • Cost: Free!

The College Board, who makes the SAT test, has partnered with Khan Academy to offer the Official SAT Practice course free of charge. This is a great option for those on limited budgets. Because of the partnership with The College Board, the Khan Academy instructional content closely follows what you will find on the real test. They offer video lessons, over 1,000 practice questions, and seven full-length practice tests. Taking full-length practice tests better prepares you mentally and physically for the experience you will have on test day.

Khan Academy also gets social by offering online study groups, which is a great way to stay motivated during your preparation. They are also mobile with a study app you can download to answer practice questions on the go. Because it is free, this can also be used as a supplemental resource to any other SAT prep course you are taking.

Revolution Prep

SAT prep courses Revolution Prep

  • Best budget-friendly personal tutors
  • Online Group Classes: $299
  • Online Small Group Classes: $599
  • On-Campus Group Courses: $599
  • Personal Tutor: $129 per hour

Revolution Prep is a nice budget friendly option for people who want a personal tutor. Their tutoring sessions start at $129 per hour and include unlimited practice exams. Practice does make perfect! Your tutor can assess your weak areas and work one-on-one with you to help you improve. They tailor the curriculum based on your individual needs. Revolution Prep also offers online or in-person classes that include 18 hours of instruction.

Ivy Bound Test Prep

Best SAT prep courses Ivy Bound

  • Best support to improve your essays
  • Classes range from $150 – $650

The Ivy Bound Prep philosophy page is a great read and gives you a good feel for how they approach SAT test prep. They encourage starting early (in your junior year), but not dragging out classes and learning. Their course can be taken over school breaks when you have down time to concentrate only on your SAT prep. They have a no-nonsense approach, which means their classes are hyper-focused and use materials that teach to the test. They also offer Personal Tutors and an Essay Service that helps you improve your writing skills to help you succeed on the essay portion of the SAT.


Best SAT prep course ePrep

  • Ideal for test-takers who need organized study plans
  • Test Date Course: $129 – $299
  • Annual Pass: $399 – $599

ePrep offers two course options for their online course. You can choose an Annual Pass, which is just what it sounds like – a year’s subscription to their online course offering. They also offer Test Date Courses, which gives you a very specific study plan leading up to your test date. This is a great tool for people who need extra help in planning their study time. It can also motivate you to stay on track with your studies. The ePrep online course includes video lessons, practice questions, and full-length practice tests.

Top Options for Personalized SAT Tutoring

Because the SAT is such a high profile, high stakes test, there are some individuals that have built a brand out of their own personal tutoring services and courses. Initially these might look unfamiliar, but there are some excellent educators that have gotten great customer reviews and have developed superb ‘non-mainstream’ SAT courses that are worth mentioning here.

Green Test Prep

Best SAT prep course

Anthony James-Green aims to be America’s Top SAT Tutor. While he typically caters his individual tutoring services to high achieving students trying to get into Ivy League schools, he has developed a course that offers online study materials and real-life practice tests. You can study the materials in short increments, which helps you fit studying into your busy schedule. His idea of having you take the practice test with a paper and pencil really does help you prepare for the real experience, which will give you more confidence on test day. Green Test Prep also offers a money-back guarantee.

Prep Expert

Best SAT prep course Prep Expert

Shaan Patel got a perfect score on the SAT, and he launched a company to help you do the same. PrepExpert offers online video courses with Shaan that include 5 eBooks and 10 exams. He also guarantees a 20 point improvement on your score. If you are a fan of the show Shark Tank, you might recognize Shaan. He got an investment deal with Mark Cuban for Prep Expert! For those looking for the best SAT prep course but don’t believe in the usual, mass test-prep providers, Prep Expert might just fit the bill.

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