Best ACT Prep Courses

Most colleges now accept scores from either the SAT or ACT on college applications. There are a few key differences between them, but both tests thoroughly assess the same types of content and neither is viewed as superior by college Admissions Officers. Which test you take should should therefore be completely up to you. Still, the number of students taking the ACT has grown significantly in recent years due in large part to many states that now require all high school juniors to take the ACT. If you live in one of those states or if you feel the ACT is the better test for you, taking one of the following best ACT prep courses is a great way to prepare and will help you achieve the results you need to get into your top school.

The Best ACT Prep Courses – Our Top 3

Kaplan ACT Prep Course

Best ACT prep course review Kaplan

  • Best for Online ACT Study
  • Self-Paced Study: $299
  • Live or Online Classes: $799
  • Live or Online Classes with Personal Tutoring: $1199
  • Premier Tutoring: $2399

Sometimes it’s best to go straight to the source! Industry powerhouse Kaplan has partnered with the official makers of the ACT to deliver what’s simply the best ACT prep course on the market.  With Kaplan’s experience developing high stakes test prep courses and ACT’s thorough knowledge of the ACT test subjects, question style, and assessment criteria, their courses are thorough, personalized, and built for a wide range of budgets.

Through the partnership, Kaplan has developed the Live Online Prep for the ACT student portal. This self-paced study tool offers 50 hours of video lessons that are 5 – 15 minutes in length. You can access these videos from any device, including mobile, which is really helpful when you are trying to fit studying into your busy life.  If you have 5 minutes of downtime between classes, club activities, or practice, you can study for the ACT! The portal also includes over 1400 quiz questions to get you ready for the types of questions you will see on the test. Answering these questions will boost your confidence as you get closer to test day. Their platform adapts to you because it recognizes your weak areas and offers more support to boost those areas. With your personalized study plan, you can get to where you need to be in all subjects by the time you take the test.  The Live Online Prep portal also includes 8 full length practice tests.

You can also take classes with Kaplan, who offer the best live-streamed ACT online classes we’ve seen in any high stakes test prep course. Their Classroom course option includes 18 hours of classes that can be taken either in person or online. Their online classroom technology allows you to raise your virtual hand to ask questions. Instructors can answer you during a class, just like a regular in-person class. Their classroom course also includes access to the Live Online Prep for the ACT student portal, where you will find additional video lessons, quiz questions, and practice tests, giving you plenty of opportunities to study.  If you like (or need!) one-on-one tutoring, Kaplan offers a course that includes personal tutoring along with their standard course classes.

Kaplan boasts that 95% of their students get into one or more of their top choice colleges. They also offer a money back guarantee (with certain restrictions). With Kaplan, you can feel secure knowing that the content you are studying comes directly from the developers of the test.  Their Live Online Prep portal and classroom instruction make this the best ACT prep course to help you get your best score on the ACT.

Princeton ACT Test Prep

Princeton Best ACT prep course

  • Most personalized ACT course
  • Self-Paced Online Course: $299
  • Ultimate Classroom Course: $999
  • Personal Tutoring: $125 – $150 per hour

The Princeton Review ACT Course comes in a very close second on our Best ACT Prep Courses list. We like the Princeton Review course because of the personal attention they offer to each student. All of their courses include 3 hours of on-demand support through online chat from one of their highly-trained instructors. This is a great way to get personal tutoring at a lower cost.

Their self-paced, online only course offers over 140 video lessons, 1,200 practice questions, and 4 practice tests. You can access these at any time from your favorite device, making it easier for you to fit studying for the ACT into your busy life. One of the most impressive things about their platform is that it recognizes areas where you may need additional support and then recommends additional lessons in those areas. This along with their 3 hours of on-demand teacher support makes this a highly personalized online course to meet your individual needs.

If you prefer to take classes, they offer in-person or online classes with their expert instructors. Princeton Review offers 25 hours of classroom instruction, which is among the highest of any ACT test prep course. If you learn better in classes, this is a great option for you.  Their classes include 4 proctored practice tests plus 3 additional practice tests to help you prepare for exam day. Taking practice tests is also a great way to learn how to calm your nerves and boost your confidence.

They also offer personal tutoring, which is the ultimate personalized course built specifically for you. Your tutor gets to know you and will address specific areas where you may need extra support.  You can schedule your tutoring sessions at times that fit into your schedule.

We like that Princeton has other course options including a course specifically designed for Sophomores to help them start preparing for the ACT and the college admissions process.

With their highly-personalized course, Princeton Review can help you get the score you need on your ACT.

Magoosh ACT Review

Best ACT prep course Magoosh review

  • Excellent for tighter budgets
  • One Month Plan: $79
  • Three Months Plan: $89
  • Six Months Plan: $99

Magoosh, which means one who is highly learned, wise, and generous, offers top-notch study materials at a great price point, making their course a great option for people on a budget.  The Magoosh course is entirely online, which makes it easier to schedule study time into your busy life. They offer 200 video lessons, 700 practice questions covering all four areas of the ACT, practice prompts for the ACT Essay, personalized study schedules, three practice tests, and email support all for as low as $79.

Magoosh’s easy pricing model is based on time, not content. You decide how many months you need to study, and then purchase the right monthly subscription to meet your needs. They even offer a discount if you subscribe to their SAT Prep Course. Magoosh will not only prepare you for the ACT, but it won’t break the bank in the process. Another plus are their friendly tutors and test-taking community, to which you’ll belong as a Magoosh customer.

Other Top ACT Prep Providers

Veritas Prep ACT Prep Courses

  • Best for high performing students
  • Self-Study Course: $490
  • Classroom Course: $690
  • Private Tutoring: $2,900 – $6,800

Veritas Prep has designed their course to meet the needs of high performing students.  Every feature of their course is designed to push top performers to an even higher level so they get the scores they need on the ACT to be accepted into elite colleges. The features and benefits offered by Veritas are extensive, giving students plenty of flexible classroom instruction, practice opportunities, and personalized support for a full year.

Veritas offers three course options. Their Full ACT Course includes 25 hours of classroom instruction, either in-person or streamed online. All of the Veritas instructors scored a 33 or higher (out of 36) on the ACT, so they know what it takes to earn those top scores and can pass those tips along to you. They also offer a ACT Self-Study course where you can watch instructional videos on-demand at any time. This course is great for those with busy schedules.  Their third option is ACT Private Tutoring, which can be done in-person or online and offers the most personalized support with their elite instructors.

Each course option comes with access to their online learning platform, where you will find study support, additional content, and practice opportunities. The best part of the platform though is their online office hours, where you can chat with a teacher any time during office hours for additional personalized support. Their online tool is available to you for 12 months, which is great for those taking the test more than once or for those who want advanced study time. If you are aiming high, the Veritas ACT Prep course is an excellent option for you.

Power Score

  • Great for people who like practice tests
  • Live Online Course $495
  • Classroom Course: $594
  • Accelerated Course: $350

Practice does make perfect, and Power Score offers plenty of opportunities to practice using official ACT practice tests. Their Classroom course, which is offered in locations across the country, includes 24 hours of classroom instruction from their highly-qualified teachers who all scored well on their own ACT tests. Included in the course are four full-length official ACT practice tests (that’s 16 hours of practice testing). With these practice tests, the instructors replicate the real ACT test setting as much as possible, which is a good way for you to understand what it feels like to take the live test. The four tests are given at intervals throughout the course, allowing you to watch your score improve as you advance through the course. These types of real-life practice tests help you develop great test-taking strategies to get you through the experience of taking the real test.

When you register for PowerScore’s Classroom Course, you will also receive The Official ACT Prep Guide, a study-guide produced by the ACT that offers sample questions and additional practice tests. They also have online resources offering additional study materials and practice questions.

PowerScore’s ACT Live Online Course follows the same course structure as the Classroom Course only in a virtual class setting.  They also offer accelerated classes both in-person and online. With these options, you receive The Official ACT Prep Guide with their practice questions and tests and get access to their online platform. They are one of the Best ACT Prep Courses though because of their in-person practice testing, so if you like taking practice tests, the Classroom Course is the best option for you.

Prep Expert

  • Good option if you are short on time
  • Offers most classroom hours
  • Online Course: $799

Prep Expert offers 36 hours of live-streamed classroom instruction, which is the most of any course we reviewed and why they made our Best ACT Prep Courses list. They offer the most hours but their classes are delivered in the shortest amount of time, making this a great option if you need the extra support offered by a live teacher but don’t have the time to commit to the standard 10-week course.  You do have to be motivated, as this course requires six hours a week for virtual classroom instruction.

The Prep Expert teachers scored in the 99th percentile on their own ACT exams, so they understand what it takes to get the top scores on this test. In addition to the classroom instruction, Prep Expert offers practice tests to help you prepare for exam day. They also guarantee a 4-point score improvement.


  • Best for students planning to take both the ACT and SAT
  • Test Date Courses: $129 – $299
  • Annual Pass: $399 – $599
  • Bundled ACT/SAT Course: $249 – $749

While colleges don’t favor either the ACT or SAT, you may be considering taking both tests as they are different and you might find that you get a higher score on one versus the other. If you are planning to take both tests, the best ACT prep courses are offered by ePrep. For their bundled package, they offer video lessons by subject, full length practice tests, a detailed study plan personalized to your test dates, an online resource center, and a score improvement guarantee.  You can choose their Express, Standard, or Premium course package depending on your needs. Their bundled Standard and Premium courses give you access to the course materials for 18 months, which is plenty of time to focus on each individual test preparation.

ePrep also offers prep courses for only the ACT. Their courses include a detailed study plan leading up to your test date, which is great to help keep you motivated and organized.

Revolution Prep

  • Best for test-takers who want a Personal Tutor
  • Online Group Classes: $299
  • Online Small Group Classes: $599
  • On-Campus Group Courses: $599
  • Personal Tutor: Starts from $129 an hour

Revolution Prep is an ideal option for people who learn better from a personal tutor. Their tutoring sessions start at $129 per hour and include unlimited practice exams. Your tutor can assess your weak areas and work one-on-one with you to help you improve. They tailor the curriculum based on your individual needs. Revolution Prep also offers online or in-person classes that include 18 hours of instruction and full length practice exams.