Official SAT Study Guide (2016 Edition)

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Study Guide Review

No list of the best SAT prep books for 2016 can ignore the SAT Blue Book (or College Board SAT book), which is considered to be the bible of SAT test prep books (and can be used for the PSAT as well).

Authored by the makers of the SAT, the Official SAT Study Guide: 2016 Edition contains a collection of 4 authentic full-length practice tests with answers and explanations for the New SAT 2016 format, which nobody else can offer. While these tests can also be obtained from the College Board’s website, the Official Guide spares you the need for printing these lengthy tests (which you should take on paper in order to simulate the real test) and is much cheaper than self-printing.

Of course, the Official Guide is also a must-have for other reasons. The Guide offers hundreds of pages of tips and advice on how to take the test, with particular strengths in the math section, which features very useful descriptions and worked examples. Overall, because of its official practice tests and reliability in predicting your SAT scores, this is a “must-buy.” If you plan on only getting one SAT prep book, the best choice is the Official SAT Study Guide.

Nevertheless, test-takers are well advised to supplement the College Board’s SAT book with other SAT guides, given that it is (perhaps quite understandably) thin on offering strategic advice on how to ace the test.

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