Best TEAS Study Guide

Achieving success on the Test of Essential Academic Skills (the ATI TEAS or TEAS 6) and gaining admission to a top nursing school is a lot easier to accomplish if you choose one of the best TEAS study guides to help with exam preparation. In the following, our editors present you with their hand-picked list and reviews of the very best TEAS study guides and test prep books for 2018. We hope you will find it useful and look forward to any suggestions you might have.

McGraw-Hill Education TEAS 2-Book Value Pack

Best TEAS Study GuidesFor those test takers seeking out coverage of the four areas of the TEAS in greater depth with ample opportunity to practice, the trust publisher McGraw-Hill’s TEAS Value Pack is an excellent bet. Composed of two books, the McGraw-Hill Education TEAS Review and the McGraw-Hill Education 5 TEAS Practice Tests, this Value Pack provides both substantive knowledge and an opportunity to extensively practice TEAS test questions before the actual exam.

The Review book covers fundamental concepts and core issue areas in significant detail. Coverage of Reading, for example, extends over 10 chapters and 150 pages. The method of instruction is unique in that the book covers each of the core concepts and then immediately follows the coverage with review questions, complete with answers.  This allows test takers to engage with the content material in an active way.  Once test takers have mastered the content, they can then turn to the Practice Tests book. This book offers five full-length TEAS practice tests with complete explanations for every answer on the test. In addition, it also offers strategic advice and test taking skills as well as an interactive test planner app. This offers a plethora of practice for the TEAS test, which should substantially build test takers’ confidence.

The 1-2 punch of the McGraw Hill TEAS Value Pack is composed of its detailed content coverage and its extensive practice opportunities. For its sheer volume of combined substantive review and practice opportunity, this is perhaps the very best TEAS study guide currently available.

ATI TEAS Secrets Study Guide: TEAS 6 Complete Study Manual

Best TEAS Study GuidesThe popular ATI TEAS Secrets Study Guide – authored by the TEAS Exam Secrets Test Prep Team – is clearly the mac daddy of TEAS study guides. Not only does it offer in-depth coverage of each of the four subjects of the test, but it also provides practice problems, three full length practice tests, and 74 video tutorials of essential material.

The language used in this top rated TEAS test prep book achieves a good balance between thorough and efficient. Importantly, the explanations of answers to problems/practice tests are also clear and easy to understand. Indeed, organized, detailed and chock full of practice are likely the three best terms to describe this book. Not only is this one of the best TEAS study guides on the market, it is also one of the most complete study guides – highly recommended.

ATI TEAS Review Manual: 6th Edition

TEAS Study guides 2017 The ATI TEAS Review Manual is the official study guide of the TEAS, prepared by Assessment Technologies Institute, the company that writes the actual TEAS exam. This book covers each of the four content areas (Reading, Math, Science, and English) using easy to read language.  It also provides a short list of practice problems at the end of each chapter as well as preparation strategies to help pass the TEAS exam.

However, the explanations and examples in this book are brief. In other words, this TEAS test book cuts straight to the heart of matters, which is great for those looking for an efficient manual and less great for those looking for a study guide with more depth. The Manual also contains a number of errors. Still, since this book is written by the company that administers the TEAS, it is a worthwhile purchase to get a flavor of the language and writing style of the test question, in particular by completion of the practice problems.  This reason alone makes it one of the best TEAS study guides, but it shouldn’t be the only study aid that you use.

ATI TEAS Study Guide Version 6

Best ATI TEAS Study GuidesThis book by Accepted, Inc. (full title: ATI TEAS Study Guide Version 6: Test Prep and Practice Test Questions for the Test of Essential Academic Skills, Sixth Edition) achieves a good balance between providing considerable depth on a subject and being efficient. This is why this guide rightly self-identifies as a particularly ‘effective’ guide.

The ATI TEAS Study Guide breaks down each of the four subject matters on the TEAS into easily digestible chunks.  Reading, for instance, is broken down into interpreting text, which is then broken down into main text, topic and summary sentences, and supporting details, and so on.  Each of the sections also contain ample examples, at times using problem questions referring to specific concepts.  Thus, the main strength of this TEAS prep book is its ability to break down larger concepts into easier ones. For that reasons, and also because it offers over 300 practice questions and two practice tests, it easily makes our list of the best TEAS study guides.

ATI TEAS 6 Study Guide 2018-2019

Best TEAS study guide 2018-2019Another concise TEAS study guide, the ATI TEAS 5 Study Guide: TEAS Review Manual and Practice Test Prep Questions is ideal for test takers looking to make quick progress.  The book covers each of the four subjects on the TEAS and helpfully begins each section by offering strategies for completing that particular part of the exam. It provides key definitions in the column as well as presents problems which are then worked out with good explanations of both correct and incorrect answers for the multiple choice answers.

The major downside to this book is that it contains a number of spelling and other errors, which are distracting. On the plus side, the book does offer two complete practice tests as well as over 300 practice questions. Indeed, despite its tendency to be error-prone, the ample opportunity this book provides for practice of TEAS test questions still makes this one of the most popular and best TEAS test prep books.

ATI TEAS Practice Tests Version 6: 350+ Test Prep Questions

Best TEAS Study GuideFor those test takers seeking to hone their TEAS test taking skills on particular elements of the TEAS before they tackle a full length practice test this book is almost a must have resource.

This title, the ATI TEAS Practice Tests Version 6: 350+ Test Prep Questions for the TEAS VI Exam, offers over 350 practice questions, organized and broken down by each of the four subject matters of the TEAS: Reading, Math, Science and English. Also, each of the practice questions are followed by answer keys, complete with detailed explanations.

For honing of TEAS subject skills, this TEAS prep book is definitely one to add to the arsenal as one of the best TEAS study guides.

Flashcard Study System for the TEAS Exam

Best TEAS Study BookFor visual learners, the ATI TEAS Flashcard Study System (subtitle: TEAS 6 Test Practice Questions & Exam Review for the Test of Essential Academic Skills) are ideal and offer a better tool for learning. Their versatility and efficiency is impressive. For test takers on the go, flash cards offer the ability to easily port your work with you.  And for reviewing, flashcards take out the tedium of the process.

For these reasons, visual learners – but also all other test takers – will benefit from the TEAS Flashcard system, which offers an alternative learning style to covering all four subjects on the TEAS.  This product is a must have for those with an out-of-the box learning style, making it one of the best TEAS study aids.

Best TEAS Study Guide

RankingPublisherBook TitlePagesYearPractice TestsPrice Range
1McGraw-HillTEAS Value Pack81620165$$
2Mometrix MediaATI TEAS Secrets Study Guide: TEAS 6 Complete Study Manual38620163$$
3Jones & BartlettATI TEAS Review Manual1922016N/A$$
4Accepted, Inc.ATI TEAS Study Guide Version 629420162$$
5Trivium Test PrepATI TEAS 6 Study Guide: TEAS Review Manual31620162$$
6Trivium Test PrepATI TEAS Practice Tests Version 6: 350+ Test Prep Questions962016N/A$
7Mometrix MediaATI TEAS Flashcard System11922016N/A$$