MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills: Strategy and Practice: Timed Practice for the New MCAT Verbal Section

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Study Guide Review

Daunted by the new MCAT? Turn to one of the most popular resources for the MCAT verbal that is specifically designed for the new MCAT 2015. Next Step’s MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills test study guide (subtitle: “Strategy and Practice: Timed Practice for the New MCAT Verbal Section”) offers a comprehensive and detailed strategy for conquering verbal passages on the revised MCAT.

Unlike other MCAT prep books, the uniqueness of the NextStep approach is that they offer test-takers three strategies, which are discussed in great detail, for undertaking the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) section of the exam. These are:

  • The Highlighting Strategy
  • The Note-Taking Strategy
  • The Skimming Technique

The purpose of offering three approaches, instead of just one ‘best’approach, is that test takers can decide which of the three strategies works best for them, based on an analysis of how they work and what the pros and cons are for each strategy/technique.  Given the unique needs of every individual this is a much more cogent and practical approach rather than simply forcing test-takers to adopt to one particular – and perhaps ill-suited – approach.

The guide also comes with practice MCAT verbal passages and explanations, which provide the kind of exercise that every MCAT candidate should engage in. Together with its insightful strategic tips and techniques, this book is highly recommended.

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