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Are you looking for the best PMP study guide or best PMP books? Our team has canvassed the market and selected the most efficient and up to date study materials for 2018 to 20197. All of these are now aligned with the Fifth Edition of the PMBOK Guide and the latest PMP Exam Content Outline, which is geared towards exams taken after January 2016. If you are interested in more in-depth guidance, we also maintain a separate list outlining the best PMP prep courses.

PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition

Best PMP study guides 2018-2019

There is no question that anybody preparing for the PMP exam should carefully study the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: PMBOK Guide – Sixth Edition before attempting the exam. This is the project manager’s bible and, as such, no list of the best PMP books can fail to mention this official test prep resource.

So what does the PMBOK Guide offer? Above all, the Guide provides extensive coverage of project management process groups, knowledge areas, and inputs and outputs. It is thorough, as one would expect from a book that sets the industry standard for project management processes. On the negative side, the Guide is lacking in terms of readability and clarity. The Guide will also not offer the insider tips and strategic advice on test-taking that can be found in other PMP certification materials – this is not a test study guide per se, it’s a reference book.

In sum, it’s not the easiest book to read (not only because of the complex language used but also because PMI has decided to “counterfeiting-proof” grey paper) and given the reasons explained above you should definitely supplement it with one or more of the PMP study guides that we recommend below. And yes, there are those who claim to have passed the PMP exam without ever having opened the Guide – but please don’t try it yourself. Overall, the PMBOK Guide still remains a clear must-have for every PMP test-taker.

PMP Project Management Professional Exam Certification Kit

Best PMP Book Kim HeldmanThe PMP Project Management Professional Exam Certification Kit is a collection of the latest and best PMP study guides by Kim Heldman, author of multiple popular project management books, and her co-authors. The kit contains three books and offers access to online learning materials. This is one of the few books that are already aligned with the PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition.

The collection’s highlight is arguably Heldman’s PMP Project Management Professional Exam Deluxe Study Guide. Organized in 12 chapters and two appendices, this book is very thorough yet accessible, providing both exceptionally broad and deep coverage of everything there is to know to be prepared for the PMP examination. Yet, the book is easy to read (sometimes even with some of the author’s good sense of humor shining through), which makes studying more enjoyable and more effective. Are you wondering how to effectively initiate, plan, execute, and continuously monitor a project? The Deluxe Guide is one of the best PMP books for guiding you step by step and finding the most complete answers to these questions, always keeping in mind the PMP exam’s objectives and essentials. Furthermore, and importantly, this test study guide also offers readers plenty of opportunities to self-assess, practice and apply their skills through review questions and realistic sample scenarios.

Additionally, the kit contains two further books, one of which is specifically geared towards reviewing the PMP exam material. Also, the kit is unique in that prospective test-takers readers can take advantage of an extensive interactive online learning platform powered by Wiley/Sybex. This environment offers a PMP assessment test, flash cards, glossary, practice exams, audio and video tutorials, and other useful features.

Kim Heldman’s PMP Project Management Professional Exam Certification Kit is clearly an impressive – and yet highly affordable – study companion and reference guide for the PMP exam and beyond.

Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep, 8th Edition

Best PMP Books Rita Mulcahy PMP

Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep (Rita’s Course in a Book for Passing the PMP Exam) is, with good reason, a best-seller and by many project managers regarded as one of the very best PMP books on the market. Mulcahy (who unfortunately passed away too early) managed to put together a real PMP study guide classic that is both encompassing and accessible at the same time.

Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep, now in the updated 8th edition, is particularly notable for its ability to convey all relevant PMP exam material in an efficient and focused manner. This preparation book is geared towards quick and effortless knowledge conveyance: If you need to know a piece of information to pass the exam, the author’s ample experience and interviews with PMP test-takers ensure that it will be in this book. If not, Rita will not bother you with it, and there’s no wasting your precious time on irrelevant points or subjects. This fact – the book’s highly thoughtful coverage – together with the numerous practice questions, make this guide into an indispensable study aid.

PMP Exam Prep does an excellent job at outlining the project management framework. Although the book is quite voluminous (at over 600 pages), it is written in an easily accessible style. Used in conjunction with the PMBOK Guide, this study manual promises to give you the results that you need. It’s easy to understand and well written, with tips and insights that go well beyond the PMBOK Guide and thus provide real added value.

The Velociteach All-In-One PMP Exam Prep Kit

Best PMP Study guides Velociteach

The Velociteach All-In-One PMP Exam Prep Kit, Fifth Edition includes some of the most powerful PMP study materials that aspiring project managers can get their hands on. The author, Andy Crowe, is not only a successful book author but also the founder of Velociteach, a well-known PMP test prep and training provider.

At the heart of this self-study kit is one of the best PMP books, Crowe’s highly rated ‘The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try.’ This guide is designed to teach test-takers all the knowledge in terms of substance and test-taking strategy that is necessary to take and pass the exam with confidence. A thorough discussion of the material is combined with exercises and practice questions to reinforce your knowledge as you work your way through this manual. After carefully reading the book, you should be in an excellent position to understand the material and as well as the logic behind PMP exam questions, which is the key to mastering them.

Additionally, the kit includes the PMP Exam Quick Reference Guide, a laminated card with essential information to accompany the kit’s textbook; PMP Exam Flash Cards for quick memorization and review; and Conversations on the PMP Exam, a shorter review of the exam based on a book and set of audio CDs, which is ideal for later phases of your studies.

An excellent bundle of strong PMP certification materials.

McGraw-Hill’s PMP Project Management Professional Exam

Best PMP BookPMP Project Management Professional Exam, published by McGraw-Hill Education, is another essential title for those who are looking for the best PMP books currently on the market. The book is written by an experienced project management professional, XPM Consulting’s Henrique Moura, who has delivered PMP courses and management training around the world. Among others, Moura was even a member of the volunteer team that developed the current edition of the PMBOK.

The author’s deep understanding of the issues that are tested in the PMP exam clearly shines through in the book and will greatly assist readers in preparing for their own success with the PMI’s Project Management Professional Exam. The main strengths of this PMP guide are its blending of theoretical and practical aspects as well as its combination of accurate coverage and a user friendly approach. Together, this results in a book that is enjoyable to read, manages to condense the relevant material without loss of necessary details, and is efficient in maximizing positive learning outcomes.

Among other learning tools, readers will find helpful review exercises with easy to follow explanations, hundreds of sample questions, tips on how to master typical exam questions, check lists with essential topics, and more. In terms of structure, PMP Project Management Professional Exam mostly mirrors the PMBOK Guide, for which it also provides complete coverage. Additionally, it offers an introductory guide to the PMP certification and an important final chapter that contains a full-length PMP practice exam. This is followed by a glossary and a bibliography for further reference.

Overall, this is a thorough, highly accessible, and well written PMP book – clearly one of the best PMP study guides and an ideal companion to the PMBOK Guide. Highly Recommended.


All-in-one PMP Exam Prep Kit: Book, Quick Reference Guide, Flashcards

Best PMP Book Certification

Do you need a comprehensive, organized, and streamlined textbook for acing the PMP exam? Do you respond well to visual learning and memorization? Are you interested in a mix of practical and theoretical approaches? If so, this PMP prep guide by Sohel Akter, management consultant and MBA adjunct professor, might just fit the bill.

The textbook in this kit is the latest edition of Akter’s Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam prep book. The book goes into the details of all the relevant knowledge areas and tools for the exam, yet is designed (both in terms of layout and writing style) as a clutter free and easy-to-follow book. Sure, there is a lot of substance to be covered, but the book always remains true to its philosophy of providing clarity and breaking down complex concepts into more easily digestible elements. More than an added bonus, the book’s challenging review questions are simply outstanding, and its PMP practice exam is equally useful.

In the bundle/kit version that we recommend here, the textbook comes together with Akter’s own 8-page PMP Quick Reference Guide, which provides a mini outline of the book. Additionally, the kit includes 340 PMP Flash cards (with terms and concepts) for convenient studying on the go and as a means to harvest the benefits of repetitive learning.

Thorough students can’t go wrong with this comprehensive PMP study bundle by a recognized PMP professional and academic.

Head First PMP

Best PMP Study Guide Head First

The popular Head First PMP book (subtitle: A Brain-Friendly Guide) is a fascinating alternative approach to studying for the PMP exam. We recommend to use this book in addition to the latest edition of the PMBOK Guide and one or more of the more ‘mainstream books’ that we also review here.

What makes this resource special is its conscious decision to provide an innovative multi-sensory approach to learning the PMP certification materials, inspired by the latest insights from research on effective learning. The authors suggest that their method is more effective and more fun than other test prep courses or materials and, because it’s more stimulating, should ensure that the relevant substance is easier to remember.

So, what is the method about? Head First PMP relies on visual learning and a variation of ‘gamification’ instead of the commonly encountered text heavy approaches. Thus, in addition to graphics and visual aids, the book – to complement the usual practice questions and exam strategies – also conveys material by using games and puzzles. Moreover, the authors use a breezy, light-hearted writing style and entertaining illustrations and case studies, which makes the book (as the authors suggest at the outset) ‘even more fun than going to the dentist.’

While this all may sound a bit esoteric, the book is actually a pleasure to read and highly rated by its many readers. It’s an innovative guide (in a very good way) especially for visual learners and the best PMP book and study guide for those who need a bit of entertainment to keep them motivated and interested in their studies.

PMP Exam Simplified: Updated for 2016 Exam

PMP Books

Aileen Ellis, a PMP Expert and leading authority on the PMP and CAPM, is the author of this excellent PMP study guide. As the title suggests, PMP Exam Simplified: Updated for 2016 Exam is not only of the best PMP books but also contains what are likely the most up to date PMP study materials with all the 2016 test changes implemented in the book.

This PMP exam prep book’s approach is to organize the PMP certification material by process group (such as project management processes, planning processes, or closing processes) instead of substantive knowledge areas, which distinguishes it for instance from the PMBOK Guide’s approach. Of course, the book does contain helpful references to the PMBOK Guide, including an outline of key concepts contained therein. However, the book teaches readers how to understand the PMBOK Guide instead of mechanically memorizing it.

Further, realizing that practice is the key to crushing the PMP exam, this book offers its readers more than one thousand sample questions, along with helpful discussion of how to tackle and successfully answer them. These questions are also cross-referenced to the relevant PMBOK sections. Additionally, the guide offers summary tests and a full-length PMP practice exam with answers and explanations; a collection of names and equations for the exam; and an exam blue print that outlines the PMP exam’s main features. PMP Exam Simplified also provides study tips, techniques, and strategic advice on how to master the PMP exam.

All in all, a very timely, encompassing, and helpful PMP study guide from one of the leading experts in this field. Together with its companion books (such as Aileen Ellis’ ‘How to get every Earned Value question right on the PMP exam’), this is one of the essential volumes for ambitious test-takers.

Best PMP Prep Courses

Best PMP Study Guide

RankingPublisherBook TitlePagesYearPractice TestsPrice Range
1Project Management InstitutePMBOK Guide5892013N/A$$
2RMC PublicationsPMP Exam Prep6242015N/A$$
3VelociteachVelociteach All-In-One PMP Exam Prep Kit6282014N/A$$$
4McGraw-HillPMP Project Management Professional Exam36820141$
5SybexPMP Project Management Professional Exam Certification Kit11002016N/A$$$
6CreatespaceAll-in-one PMP Exam Prep Kit6302015N/A$$
7O'Reilly MediaHead First PMP89420131$$
8CreatespacePMP Exam Simplified4862016N/A$