Best ASVAB Study Guides

Are you looking for the best ASVAB study guide to help you prepare for the test and boost your score? You’ve come to the right place. Here is our team’s list of the top 10 best ASVAB books and prep manuals for 2018 and 2019.

Kaplan ASVAB Prep Plus 2018-2019 with 6 Practice Tests

Best ASVAB Study Guides 2018-2019 Kaplan Prep PlusBased on our survey of the market, we are confident in saying that the very best of the best ASVAB study guides and prep books is Kaplan’s ASVAB Prep Plis 2018-2019 with 6 Practice Tests – Online, Book, Videos, and Mobile. As so often in the test prep world, trusted publisher and educational Kaplan can’t be beat with their take on what the ideal ASVAB book should look like. They managed to nail it, this is a book of the highest standards.

Written in a clear and easy-to-understand style, this best-selling ASVAB study book – which comes in at an impressive 660 pages (15% more than the previous edition) – is roughly organized in four parts:

First, it explains ASVAB and AFQT (Armed Forces Qualification Test) basics. Second, it provides ASVAB diagnostic tests to give readers a baseline score. Third, it covers each of the ten technical ASVAB sections or subtests in a highly comprehensive manner. Fourth, the book features three full-length ASVAB practice tests, with access to three additional tests that are available online. All six practice tests come complete with detailed answers and explanations.

One of the particular strengths of this book is that it contains an excellent overview of key math concepts and its level of coverage is more challenging than what is found in other books.

Moreover, Kaplan’s ASVAB Prep Plus comes with more than 1,800 practice questions and helpful features such as handy study sheets for Verbal and Math strategy, an expansive Quiz Bank, flash cards, and a collection of expert video tutorials that can be accessed online.

All in all, this best-selling title is by far the best ASVAB books – highly recommended!

Barron’s ASVAB with Bonus Online Tests 2018

Top ASVAB Books 2018

If you’re one of the test-takers who want as much practice as possible, this book is perfect for you.

In this latest edition, Barron’s ASVAB with Bonus Online Tests offers a total of seven complete ASVAB practice tests (four in the book and three online) with complete answers and explanations. Its substantive coverage begins by offering a diagnostic test to highlight areas of weaknesses and then moves on to offer complete coverage of each of the test’s subject areas.

The book also provides advice on strategy for completing the test as well as guidelines for evaluating test scores and understanding how they relate to military occupational fields. It also serves as an ideal prep tool for the AFQT.

As a minor weakness, we found the math coverage in this book to be a little less thorough than in other guides.

Nevertheless, given its sheer amount of practice opportunities that it offers, this prep book is clearly one of the best ASVAB study guides.

2017-2018 ASVAB for Dummies with Online Practice

Best ASVAB books 2017-2018 for Dummies

Author and military expert Rod Powers, together with his new co-author  Angie Papple Johnston, has updated and further improved this excellent ASVAB prep book from the Dummies series.

Consistently rated one of the best ASVAB study guides on the market by experts and in reviews by test-takers, ASVAB for Dummies with Online Practice provides comprehensive coverage of all the elements and sub-elements of the ASVAB test.

This book acts as an excellent source of information for the test, providing excellent tips on how best to approach the material as well as providing strategies for resolving different problems.  Its writing style is also very reader friendly, making the material easy to digest.

Notably, for a one-year period, the ASVAB for Dummies, Premier Plus further provides its readers with online access to six full ASVAB practice tests, one AFQT practice test, and helpful flashcards for quick review sessions.

Based on its comprehensive contents and expansive practice options, this guide easily makes our list of the Top 10 of the most helpful and best ASVAB books.

ASVAB Study Guide: Prep Book and Practice Questions

Best ASVAB AFQT Study Guide 2016

This hugely popular resource by test prep specialist Accepted Inc. (full title: ASVAB Study Guide: Prep Book and Practice Questions for the ASVAB) is one of the few ASVAB study guides that is written not only by a veteran but also by a professional ASVAB test tutor.

Interestingly, this ASVAB prep book takes a novel approach to studying for the test. Instead of offering generalized practice exams, it provides hundreds of individual ASVAB practice questions complete with explanations. By doing so it helps you understand and identify mistakes made in each of the sections of the test, thereby preventing you from doing so again in the future.

ASVAB Study Guide 2016-2017 also provides user-friendly lessons and explanations for each of the sections of the test as well as tips and techniques on the strategy of writing the test.

In conclusion, this book is extremely well organized and offers a straight-forward, no-nonsense approach to the ASVAB. Clearly one of the most respected and best ASVAB study guides on the market.

McGraw-Hill’s ASVAB, 4th Edition

Best ASVAB Books McGraw Hill

Studying for the ASVAB can be tough; McGraw-Hill’s ASVAB book with strategies and four practice tests makes the process that much easier.

As the title says, this test prep manual it comes complete with four full ASVAB practice tests. In addition, of course, it also provides comprehensive coverage on each of the sections of the test. In particular, the book does a good job at breaking down complex math problems and providing good treatment of the verbal sections including offering a handy section on prefixes, suffixes, and roots.

Finally, in addition to test coverage, this book also does a good job at providing information on the military in general, in particular the multitude of opportunities available in the armed forces.

All in all, this useful, clearly written book makes it one of the best ASVAB study guides.

Master the ASVAB

Best ASVAB Book Peterson

You’re ready to start studying for the ASVAB but you don’t know where to begin?  Start by getting one of the best ASVAB study guides: Master the ASVAB by Scott Ostrow (subtitle: Score High and Launch Your Military Career).

This book offers a diagnostic test that highlights your weaknesses and strengths. By taking this diagnostic test at the onset of your studies, you can target your studying and focus on the areas in which you need the most help. The book goes on to offer you thorough subject reviews on each of the areas of the ASVAB and AFQT sections, as well as three more full-length ASVAB practice tests complete with answers and explanations.

Rounding out its offering, it also comes complete with a CD, which contains an additional practice test, a vocabulary builder and electronic flashcards. Employing an easy-to-understand and thoroughly readable tone, this is definitely one of the best ASVAB books out there.

ASVAB Core Review

Best ASVAB Study Guide

While the ASVAB contains 10 subjects, ASVAB Core Review focuses mainly on the core verbal and math subjects.

Those who wish to concentrate their studies on these key components of the ASVAB, the ASVAB Core Review cannot be beat. In particular, this book – now fully revised and updated – focuses on the following subjects: Math; Word knowledge; Paragraph comprehension.

Moreover, in addition to these areas, the guide also offers practice on reading in general. It also offers readers access to four full-length ASVAB AFQT practice exams.

In a clear and easy-to-understand style, this book guides you through the core components of the ASVAB and provides three practice tests to help you reinforce your understanding of these areas.  One of the best ASVAB books that emphasize the test’s key components.

ASVAB Flash Cards: Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

Best ASVAB Study Guide Flash Cards

Looking to learn on the run?  Want to find a good reinforcement tool to see how much of the ASVAB’s contents you’ve learned?  Then flashcards are ideal.

For the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, there are no better flash cards out there than Barron’s ASVAB Flash Cards.  These 400 cards cover nine of the ASVAB subjects: word knowledge, paragraph comprehension, general science, electronics, shop and automotive information, mechanical comprehension, mathematics knowledge, and assembling objects.

Comprised mainly of multiple choice questions – apart from the vocabulary ones – Barron’s flashcards allow you to carry your ASVAB studies with you wherever you go. While they don’t provide instructions, they are excellent for review and reinforcement.

A fun and must have-tool in the arsenal for best ASVAB study guides.

CliffsNotes ASVAB AFQT Cram Plan

Best ASVAB Study Guide AFQT Cram PlanAre you one of those people who leave things to the last minute? Do you need some help in setting up a study plan?  Then this book by CliffsNotes is for you.

The CliffsNotes ASVAB AFQT Cram Plan offers a targeted study plan –  at the two-month, one-month or one-week points – that offers week-by-week and day-by-day schedules. This feature is often requested by test-takers but not many prep books deliver – Cram Plan does.

This prep manual also provides a diagnostic test, enabling you to identify your weaknesses early on, as well as one of the most comprehensive coverages of each of the subjects and sections on the ASVAB.

Rounding it all off with a number of practice tests, this book is one the best ASVAB books for those looking for a one-stop shop for quick and efficient ASVAB study.

Barron’s Pass Key to the ASVAB 2018 Edition

Best ASVAB Study Guide Pass KeyFor a more concise approach to studying for the ASVAB, the Pass Key to the ASVAB is a must-have.

Instead of offering comprehensive coverage, this inexpensive and handy book (although still almost 400 pages long) offers a quick and dirty take on all the subjects of the ASVAB including General Science; Arithmetic Reasoning; Word Knowledge; Paragraph Comprehension; Mathematics Knowledge; Electronics Information; Auto Information; Shop Information; Mechanical Comprehension; and Assembling Objects.

Pass Key to the ASVAB also provides a diagnostic test with explanations and answers as well as a practice test. As a good review tool, the Pass Key is one of the best ASVAB study guides on the market.

And now: Select the best ASVAB study guides for you and consider what the armed forces will tell you: ‘If you’re serious about joining the military, then get serious about the ASVAB!’

Best ASVAB Study Guides

RankingPublisherBook TitlePagesYearPractice TestsPrice Range
1KaplanASVAB Premier58820166$$
2Barron'sBarron's ASVAB54420164$
3For DummiesASVAB For Dummies45620177$
4Accepted, Inc.ASVAB Study Guide32420151$
5McGraw-HillMcGraw Hill's ASVAB60820134$
6Peterson'sMaster the ASVAB60820144$
7Learningexpress, LLCASVAB Core Review22420164$
8Barron'sASVAB Flashcard4002014N/A$
9CliffsNotesCliffsNotes ASVAB AFQT Cram Plan31220101$
10Barron'sPass Key to the ASVAB36820151$