Hacking the GMAT: Sentence Correction – Essential Guide for Mastering SC Grammar

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Study Guide Review

Does differentiating between who and whom plague you?  Are you kept up late at night by the idea of prepositions?  Then this GMAT prep book, authored by the Prep4GMAT team, is perfect for you.

Hacking the GMAT: Sentence Correction is an excellent book, which clearly reviews essential grammatical concepts and shows you how to master the art of sentence correction. The book prizes the art of hacking by providing the tools necessary to master tricky grammar concepts as well as ample practice questions to back up those lessons. This guide is divided into eight lessons, each of which reviews one of the core sentence correction topics. Also, at just over a dollar a (Kindle) download, Hacking the GMAT proves that learning grammatical concepts to help you master the GMAT does not have to come at an exorbitant cost.

For its hacking techniques and its fantastic price, this is a book you should check out.

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