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GRE eBooks that can be downloaded online are becoming an increasingly popular choice among test-takers. Who wants to haul around heavy books if all the GRE prep materials you need can be accessible on your Kindle, iPad, or other eBook reader?

Yet, with the growing market and availability of GRE eBooks, picking the most effective study guides has become more complicated. Not sure which eBook is right for you? Don’t worry – below are our editorial team’s top picks for the best GRE eBooks to help you make your choice.

Magoosh GRE eBooks (Free PDF Downloads)

GRE eBooks MagooshMagoosh, a leading GRE test prep course provider, offers a number of highly helpful and free eBooks that cover various important aspects of the GRE.

These books can be downloaded from the Magoosh website in PDF format (or viewed online):


Given their cost – they are free – and accessible writing style these handy books are a must-have for every smart GRE test-taker. Finally, if you are interested in Online GRE Flash Cards, Magoosh offers those as well.

Manhattan Prep GRE Set of 8 Strategy Guides

Best GRE BooksOne of the top GRE preparation systems is Manhattan Prep’s GRE Set of 8 Strategy Guides. While Manhattan does not offer a similar GRE eBook bundle, the guides are each available separately as Kindle editions for immediate download. These relatively inexpensive manuals are among the very best GRE eBooks currently available on the market and highly recommended.

You should download the following Manhattan GRE eBooks to have the complete set:

  • Algebra
  • Fractions, Decimals, & Percents
  • Geometry
  • Number Properties
  • Quantitative Comparisons and Data Interpretation
  • Word Problems
  • Reading Comprehension & Essays
  • Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence

Cracking the GRE 2016 Premium (Kindle edition)

Best GRE Prep Books PrincetonThe Princeton Review’s Cracking the GRE Premium 2016 with 4 Practice Tests is an excellent basic all-round book for those looking for a comprehensive source that provides a general overview of the GRE. The guide also includes strategic tips, problem-solving guides, and handy bullet point style chapter summaries.  In addition, this edition now offers six full-length practice tests (four of which can be accessed online).

Cracking the GRE, which is particularly strong in its coverage of the GRE test’s Verbal section, is reliable and delivers in most respects. Based on these simple reasons, this is one of the best GRE eBooks for Kindle enthusiasts.

GRE Vocab Capacity (Kindle Edition)

GRE eBooks Vocab CapacityIf you are looking for a highly effective and entertaining eBook to study for the GRE’s Verbal Reasoning section, look no further. GRE Vocab Capacity (subtitle: “Over 1000 Powerful Memory Tricks and Mnemonics to Widen your Lexicon”) is available to turn your Kindle into a powerful tool to improve your vocabulary.

Just like its hardcopy cousin, this prep guide uses innovative mnemonic techniques to boost your vocabulary. Overall, GRE Vocab Capacity is highly recommended as one of the most useful GRE ebooks.



The Official Guide to the GRE (Kindle Edition)

Best GRE BooksThe strength and importance of this GRE eBook lies in its being authored by ETS, the organization behind the GRE test. Most importantly, in addition to instructions on how to master the various areas of the GRE, the Official Guide offers test-takers plenty of authentic test questions and answers.

Having access to official materials and explanations is enough to make this guide into one of the best GMAT eBooks and simply a must-have.



Barron’s New GRE, 19th Ed. (Kindle Edition)

GRE eBooks New GRE Barron'sBarron’s New GRE, in its hardcopy version, is one of the top GRE books. It is particularly notable for its thoughtful approach and helpful instructions on how to tackle the most difficult questions on the GRE.

As such, the New GRE would easily make it onto our list of the best GRE ebooks. However, if you are intent on having the latest updates, note that the Kindle version is currently only available for the 19th edition, whereas the hardcopy is already in its 20th edition.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a trusted GRE study guide on the go, you may want to consider this guide.

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