GMAT Practice Tests

Taking as many GMAT practice tests as possible is be an integral element of any GMAT study plan. At the outset, GMAT practice test show you where you currently stand and help identify specific strengths and weaknesses. As your studies progress, taking a GMAT practice exam serves as a check on your progress and highlights areas that you still need to focus on going forward.

Official GMATPrep Software

Offered by the makers of the GMAT, GMATPrep is a downloadable, free software that includes – among other helpful features – two full-length GMAT practice tests with answers. The software uses the same technology as the official exam, which provides for a highly realistic experience.

Kaplan GMAT Practice Test

Kaplan’s GMAT Pratice Test and Review offers two options: (1) A self-proctored GMAT practice test with video review, score analyis, answers, and explanations; or (2) an instructor proctored, live online GMAT practice test with score analyis, answers, explanations, and chat option. Both tests are computer adaptive (CAT) and free.               

Princeton Review – Free GMAT Practice Test

Provides free practice tests that can be taken in person in a test center and the option to take a free online GMAT practice test. After the test, users are given performance reports and tips for improving their score.

Manhattan Prep Sample GMAT Test

Manhattan Prep provides a free, full-length online GMAT practice test. The test, which is computer adaptive and made to resemble a real GMAT test, includes custom time keeping options and comes with a detailed assessment report.

Veritas Prep GMAT Practice Test

Another free and online GMAT practice test is provided by Veritas Prep. The test is also computer adaptive and promises to deliver highly realistic questions and accurate scores.

The Economist GMAT Tutor Free Trial

Sign-up for a free 7 day trial with The Economist GMAT Tutor and get access to a GMAT practice test. The trial includes additiona adaptive test prep tools, including individualized live tutoring and essay marking.

GMAT Pill Practice Test

GMAT Pill features an adaptive GMAT practice test with performance reports and timing charts. The three hour test is free and provides five attempts plus the ability to resume (works best with Chrome browser).

GMAT Club Tests

GMAT Club members get access to two free GMAT practice tests. Additional tests are available at no cost for members with at least 25 Kudos points or can be accessed by paying a monthly fee.

Platinum GMAT Practice Test

Platinum’s free online GMAT test is in a proprietary CAT format that promises to closely replicate the algorithm used on the actual GMAT. No registration is required and users can choose whether or not to include the AWA section.           

800score GMAT Practice Tests

800score’s five GMAT practice tests with adaptive technology can be downloaded for a fee. They are optimized for PC, Mac, and iPhone or other mobile devices and include performance analysis, video explanations, and a built-in test pacer. 


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