Best GRE Prep Apps

Are you looking for the best GRE prep app to help you study on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod? The following is a selection of the top GRE study apps, tested and tried by our team. You can try or even use most of these apps for free, and given their quality we’re sure that you will soon be studying anywhere and anytime on your Apple tablet, phone, or other mobile device.

 The Official GRE Guide

Best GRE Prep App Official

As is the case with the best GRE prep books, one of the best GRE prep apps naturally comes from the official makers of the test, in this case ETS. With the Official GRE Guide app, you can be certain that you get the most up to date and realistic prep application available.

The Official GRE app offers plenty of questions and answers/explanations, various quiz modes, and helpful tips and strategies. The Starter Pack for $4.99 includes, among others, 25 verbal reasoning and 25 quantitative reasoning questions, each with solutions.

There are also two analytical writing exercises that come complete with model responses. An in-app extension unlocks 250 additional questions and answers, writing tasks, and math lessons.

Although we recommend to combine this app with others, such as those that offer additional practice questions or focus specifically on GRE math or vocabulary, there is almost no way around the Official GRE Guide app.

  • Publisher: Educational Testing Service
  • Main strength: Reliability and authenticity
  • Cost: $4.99
  • In-App Purchases: Yes

Allen GRE Prep TestBank 340

Best GRE Prep Apps AllenAllen Prep’s ‘GRE Prep TestBank 340 – Free Practice Questions, Vocabulary & Review for Graduate School Admissions’ is one of the very best all-in-one GRE prep apps.

This GRE app is encompassing, well-designed, and stable. As such, and of course given the sheer number and high quality of its GRE questions, this frequently updated application should be high on anybody’s list who is looking for the most popular and best GRE app.

It should be noted that the GRE TestBank 340 app is not ‘just’ a question bank. Rather, it also offers explanations for each question for added learning effects. Moreover, the app helpfully adapts to and tracks your individual performance, includes options to focus on subject areas in which you displayed weaknesses, and even offers tips and strategies on how to ace the GRE.

The app is free to try, which gives you a chance to test drive it. If you like it, you are well advised to opt for one of the in-app extensions in order to get either full access to all 1,459 GRE practice questions or to make use of one of the inexpensive specialized testbanks, such as the GRE Math TestBank or the highly popular GRE Verbal TestBank (which means that this is also among the best GRE vocab apps).

Higly recommended!

  • Publisher: Allen Resources
  • Main strength: Question quality and quantity
  • Cost: Free
  • In-App Purchases: Yes

GRE Vocab Genius

Best GRE Vocab App GeniusIf you are looking to strengthen your GRE vocabulary, GRE Vocab Genius is hands down the very best of the best GRE vocab apps currently on the market.

Designed by former Princeton Review and Kaplan executives in collaboration with cognitive scientists from Ivy League universities, Vocab Genius will help you boost your skills in a highly efficient and no-nonsense way.

Based on an innovative system of what the publisher refers to as ‘dynamic flash cards,’ GRE Vocab Genius provides more than 2,000 opportunities to familiarize yourself with challenging words and their roots. Drawing on cognitive science principles, the software’s algorithm is programmed to go through word flashcards in what is the optimal repetition rate for you to achieve maximum retention. In other words, the app promises that you will be able to memorize words faster and better than using traditional methods.

With its elegant interface and many additional features such as continuous performance feedback and statistics, browsing and search functions, and visualization tools, you can rest assured that your money is well spent.

Quite simply put, this is the best GRE prep app for vocabulary out there.

  • Publisher: Bold Learning Solutions
  • Main strength: Motivates users
  • Cost: $9.99
  • In-App Purchases: Yes

 GRE ScoreQuest by The Princeton Review

Best GRE Prep App PrincetonPrinceton Review, one of the most trusted names in test preparation, is behind the exceptional GRE ScoreQuest. Princeton itself calls this GRE study app ‘the best GRE Prep app on iPhone or iPad’ and we agree that – albeit along with a few other GRE apps – it deserves the highest praise.

GRE ScoreQuest’s interface is simply superb. You will find that it lets you navigate effortlessly and that its appealing and thoughtful design contributes to the excellent overall look and feel of this mobile test prep software.

Substantively, the app is organized along different ‘study boards’ that focus on subtopics of the GRE’s verbal and quant sections (Text Completion; Sentence Equivalence; Reading Comprehension; Number Properties; Algebra; Geometry; and More Math). Users are provided with more than 300 GRE practice questions, complete with answers and explanations for each.

ScoreQuest also adheres to the motivational principles of ‘gamification.’ For example, based on their performance, students can unlock new and more challenging levels, boards, and problems as well as compete with thousands of other users via global and local leader boards. Moreover, the app will track your progress and presents and analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

  • Publisher: Princeton Review
  • Main strength: Motivates users
  • Cost: Free
  • In-App Purchases: Yes

GRE Math Prep – Your Teacher

Best GRE Prep App MathYourTeacher GRE math app does exactly what its title promises: It simulates personal tutoring at its best but at a fraction of the cost of real tutoring and offering universal availability. Students interested in a more personable approach to GRE preparation will not be disappointed by this app.

Like its non-virtual counterparts, the course offered in this app progress along various broader chapters, organized along 130 lessons, focusing always on the GRE’s math elements. Each lesson includes videos featuring ‘your’ teacher, practice questions, tests and quizzes, and other tools.

This app is complete in its coverage of everything there is to know when it comes to the quantitative aspects of the test. Quite clearly the best GRE app for anybody who wishes to boost their math skills and always wanted to have a personal tutor in their pocket.

  • Publisher:
  • Main strength: Full math coverage
  • Cost: $9.99
  • In-App Purchases: No

GRE+ by Arcadia Prep

Best GRE App Arcadia PrepArcadia Prep’s GRE+ app makes it onto our list of the best GRE prep apps for several reasons.

Based on the GRE study materials by Nova Press, this application does a good job at providing one of the most comprehensive self-guided courses that one could imagine in this mobile software-based format. The app contains a multitude of GRE mock questions, easily understandable answers and explanations, and an individual performance tracking tool. The app can be usefully extended by purchasing packages such as Complete Math Practice or Complete Verbal Practice.

In a nod to ‘traditional’ modes of studying, GRE+ even includes a virtual workspace and pen tool as well as the option to take personal notes by recording short videos sequences. Moreover, another nice touch is that students can connect with other users through online discussion forums and even record video clips in order to answer community questions.

In sum, the 5 star rating and 100+ overwhelmingly positive feedbacks in the iTunes store confirm our own positive assessment that this is clearly one of the best GRE prep apps.

  • Publisher: Arcadia Prep
  • Main strength: Community features
  • Cost: Free
  • In-App Purchases: Yes

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