ACT Prep Red Book – 320 Math Problems With Solutions: The Most Effective Strategies Ever Discovered

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Study Guide Review

Is a math prep book written by a “math ninja” essential to ace the ACT?  Is the sky blue? Written by Dr. Steve Warner, a math professor at Hofstra University and known as a math ninja from years working as a math tutor, the ACT Prep Red Book is a powerful strategy guide for conquering the math section of the ACT.

Although the title of this book states that it contains 320 math problems with solutions, this ACT study guide is much more than just a collection of math problems and solutions.  What differentiates this book from other prep books is Dr. Warner’s remarkable ability to succinctly explain difficult math problems.  In easy to understand language, the author not only provides solutions to each of the math problems he presents, but he also offers alternative methods of working out a  given problem.  This is a particularly unique feature as test prep books often tend to present only one way of approaching a problem although people’s minds work differently.

Another notable feature of the book is its organizational style. The Red Book is divided into topics – including Number Theory, Algebra and Functions, Geometry, Probability and Statistics, and Trigonometry – as well as five levels of difficulty, allowing students to practice problems in the topic and at the level of difficulty of their choice. Moreover, the book also comes with a downloadable index and strategy map to the The Real ACT Prep Guide that allows readers to easily navigate and associate the Red Book’s topics and strategies to problems from the The Real ACT Prep Guide.

Overall, this book is a complete approach to mastering the math section of the ACT.  If math is your Achilles heel on the ACT, the ACT Prep Red Book may help you overcome this weakness and boost your score.

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